Donna Reads: Real Dirty (Real Dirty Duet Book 1) by Meghan March

Boone Thrasher is country music’s bad boy. He thought his life was perfect until he’s jilted by the woman he planned to ask to marry him. Ripley Fischer is a bartender at a failing Nashville bar, famous for being the place where her mother and her famous lover were murdered many years before. Ripley struggles to keep the bar going, and she has vowed that she will never get involved with anyone famous. When she meets Boone, she doesn’t expect to like him. He’s brash, arrogant and cocky. Boone is surprised to find himself attracted to the mouthy, prideful bartender. 

I really enjoyed this start to the duet. Ripley has had a difficult life. Her father is a real piece of work, and her cousin is unbelievably awful. The only bright spots in her life are her friends and the foul-mouthed parrot who was gifted to the bar. I laughed out loud at the things Esteban, the parrot said. Boone was wonderful. He’s sweet and he’s such a great guy. He doesn’t expect to be attracted to Ripley, but he quickly decides she’s someone he needs to get to know better. I liked the way he looked after her and took care of her.  

I listened to the audiobook and really enjoyed the narrators. Both were great.

The only thing I disliked about the book is the cliffhanger ending, but I’ve already downloaded and begun book two. 

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