Donna Reads: Big Shot by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

Wes Sinclair and Natalie Prescott have known each other since childhood. Wes and Natalie’s older brother, Connor have been best friends since they were little. Natalie has been in love with Wes her whole life, and after years of throwing herself at him, she finally gives up and gets on with her life. Wes is a player, and he is not interested in settling down. She has always wanted to work for the real estate company that Wes owns with Connor and another friend, but Wes refuses to mix family with business. His real reason is that Natalie has always driven him crazy, but he won’t get involved with his best friend’s little sister. When a ridiculous competition turns into a lost bet, and Natalie agrees to do anything Wes wants her to for two weeks, it’s obvious where this is headed.

This one was okay; it was light and a quick read. There was almost no angst, and although it was steamy, it didn’t stick with me. I waited a few days to write my review, and I couldn’t even remember the characters’ names. It was good just not real deep.

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