Donna Reads: Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling Series Book 2) by Nalini Singh

Vaughan D’Angelo is a jaguar changeling and a sentinel for the leopard pack he belongs to. Abandoned as a child and forced to live in his animal form to survive has made Vaughan a bit of a loner who doesn’t quite belong. He’s more wild animal than most changelings.

Faith Nightstar is a member of the Psy, a telepathic, unemotional race. Faith is a highly profitable, heavily guarded and monitored F-Psy. She is a forecaster who is worth millions. Her business predictions are accurate and much in demand. Removed from her family at age three, she has been living in isolation with virtually no contact with others. When her forecasts become malevolent and evil, showing her death, blood and violence, Faith is disturbed. Since the Psy don’t feel emotions or fear, Faith is certain she is going insane. Afraid to tell her handlers, she seeks help in an unusual place. 

Sascha Duncan (our heroine from the first book in this series) is a Psy who has left the Psy-Net. She is an outlaw and off limits to other Psy. Faith slips out one night and goes looking for Sascha, certain she may have some explanation for what is happening to her. Vaughan, as a pack sentinel, is sworn by blood to protect the pack alpha, Lucas and his mate, Sascha. When Faith wanders into the forest, she is stopped by a large jaguar – Vaughan in his changeling form. 

I enjoyed this second installment. Sascha and Lucas’s story was continued while we got to know Vaughan and Faith. I really liked them both. Faith had been raised in a cold, sterile environment and couldn’t stand any sort of touch. She was sure she would have a seizure or a mental breakdown. Vaughan decided fairly early on that Faith belonged to him, and he was determined to keep her, realizing she was his mate. Faith, of course, had to grow and come to that realization on her own. There was also plenty of evil to fight and lots of Psy plotting going on. 

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