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Cara Paulsen is a scientist and single mother. She has empathic abilities; her four year old daughter, Janie is psychic. Janie has a nightmare, predicting that evil is coming. She wakes Cara telling her that bad men are on their way and they must run. Barely awake, Cara is terrified to hear someone breaking down their front door. 

Talen Kayrs is a three hundred year old vampire. He’s come to protect Cara and Janie and take them to safety away from the evil Kurjans vampires. He wasn’t expecting to find his mate in the feisty scientist. Before leading her to safety at one of his family’s hideouts, he marries Cara to protect her from the evil race intent on abducting her and Janie. 

This first book in the Dark Protectors series was interesting. A fast read, I found it difficult to put down. I liked that the vampires of the Realm were different from most fictional vampires. They were the good guys. They seemed more human than monster. There were shifters in the story, and they were good guys, too, and they worked with the vampires against the Kurjans. 

For all that I liked about the book, I really disliked how stupid the heroine was. For a scientist there was no logic in half the dumb messes she got herself into. She repeatedly did exactly the opposite of what she was told to do and had to be rescued more than once. At times she was TSTL. 

Overall, this was a promising start to the series, and other than the heroine, I liked this cast of characters. I will definitely read more.