Donna Reads: Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood series #2) by J. R. Ward

Rhage is a vampire warrior, one of a group of elite vampire soldiers called the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The Brotherhood protects civilian vampires from being hunted to extinction by an evil undead race called the lessers. Rhage is Hollywood handsome, but he is also cursed. When pushed to extreme anger or severely stressed, he turns into a dangerous dragon.

Mary Luce is human, and she lives a quiet life on her own. She works a quiet job and volunteers at a suicide hotline. Through the hotline Mary meets a mute young man named John. Mary’s neighbor, Bella, suggests John might like to meet the guys in the Brotherhood. Mary doesn’t know that Bella is a vampire or that Bella suspects John is about to transition into one, too. Mary has a secret of her own. Her leukemia has been in remission but has recently returned. 

Rhage meets Mary when she and Bella bring John to the mansion where the brotherhood lives and trains. He is instantly attracted to her and doesn’t know why. She’s human, and she’s dying. He also feels unworthy of any decent female. Mary doesn’t understand how someone who looks like Rhage would want anything to do with ordinary her, and given her illness, she has no interest in getting close to anyone. 

I liked this second installment in the series. I’m enjoying the world-building and the relationships developing between the characters. I wish there had been more interaction in this one between Mary and Beth, Wrath’s shellan. More time was spent on the interactions between the males. I do find the meddling of the Scribe Virgin, the vampire’s deity and creator, interesting and at times a bit annoying. I eagerly read this one, wondering whether Mary would live or die. On to Book Three. 

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