Donna Reads: Claimed (Dark Protectors #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

Emma Paulsen is a scientist, a geneticist. She’s also psychic and has had visions of a powerful king for most of her life. Emma has always been fierce, brave, and extremely protective of her empathic younger sister, Cara. Raised by an abusive father who thought his daughter’s gifts were signs of evil, Emma always put herself in the path of their father’s anger to protect Cara. Now Cara has married, and she’s in a different kind of danger. When Emma is kidnapped by the evil Kurjans, she doesn’t expect the king from her visions to save her.

Dage Kayrs is the King of the Realm, a powerful vampire. He has dreamt of Emma for two hundred years. He knows as soon as he sees her that Emma is his mate. Emma is not interested in being tied to any man. She’s always taken care of herself. Although she quickly realizes she has feelings for Dage, when she finds herself marked and mated to him, she is angry at first. Cara has been infected with a powerful virus created by the Kurjans to break the mating bond. The virus however has killed most of those it has been tested on. Emma must find a cure for Cara before it’s too late. Her own life may be in danger.

I liked this second book in the series. Some of the scientific parts of the story dragged for me. I’m already tired of this whole virus thing, and I know it’s going to go on through the rest of the series. I wish it didn’t. I also got a little annoyed with Emma when she refused to trust Dage. There were things she withheld and stupid things she tried to do on her own instead of asking for help. Her mate was described as the most powerful being in the world, and she was trying to fix everything herself. That was silly. I liked Dage a lot, but I thought he was too easy on Emma when he should’ve been tougher with her. 

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