Donna Reads: Tempted (Dark Protectors series #2.5) by Rebecca Zanetti

Max Petrovsky is a soldier and two hundred year old vampire. Max is employed by the Kayrs family, vampires who rule the Realm. Max’s main duties include guarding Janie Paulsen, a gifted, psychic little girl prophesized to be the future of several of the immortal races. Max has always been rough and tough, but in caring for Janie he has discovered his softer side.

Sarah Pringle is a school teacher on the run from her own half-brother and the evil Kurjans. Her brother has had Sarah committed to a mental institution and is trying to take control of the family’s pharmaceutical business. Sarah has escaped and is hiding in a hotel when she spots Max outside her room. Sarah tries to make a run for it, but Max catches her, and then they are attacked by Kurjans.

I almost enjoyed this novella more than I have the full length novels in the series. It packed more of a punch, and it got to the point quicker. Maybe I just preferred the lead characters. Sarah has had a rough time, and she’s no fighter, but she’s tough and I really liked her spunk. Max has been in the two previous novels, and he’s adorable with Janie. I especially like how he plays Old Maid with the little girl and lets her paint his fingernails when he loses! He makes a good hero in this novella, too.

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