Donna Reads: Hard Lessons (A Wild Minds Prequel Novel) by Charlotte West

** I was given an Advanced Reading Copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. **

This was the story of Billy, Addy’s father. (Addison Wanks was our heroine from the first book in the Wild Minds series, Good Lies). Addy’s father is a temperamental, spoiled British rock star named Billy Wanks. I had a hard time liking Billy in the first book. He was childish and self-centered. I’m sorry to say he wasn’t much different in this book. I was hoping for more details and a better explanation as to what made him that way. It would’ve helped me like him a bit more. The stereotype that all famous people are pampered, spoiled and catered to didn’t satisfy me. There were a few paragraphs about how poorly his family treated him, but it didn’t explain enough or give enough detail.

Daisy Clemmens is hired as nanny to Billy’s wild-acting, eight year old daughter, Addy. Daisy goes on the road with the band after an unorthodox interview. She and Addy quickly form a bond, and Billy comes to rely on her, too. Daisy falls in love with Billy, but Billy refuses to give in to his feelings.

This wasn’t a bad book. In fact, I love Charlotte West’s writing. She keeps me reading with interesting characters and realistic, believable stories, and this story does have its sweet moments. I just didn’t like Billy; he didn’t redeem himself in my eyes. I wanted more from him, and his shallowness got old after awhile. Daisy deserved better, and I got a bit annoyed with her, too, as the book went on for accepting less than 100% from Billy even AFTER he offered it.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series, Bad Reasons, where Ms. West tells us Ash and Lily’s story. I’m eager to get back to the Wild Minds band and away from Billy’s band, Wanks and Janks. I’ve had enough Billy to last me for a good, long while.

3 thoughts on “Donna Reads: Hard Lessons (A Wild Minds Prequel Novel) by Charlotte West

    1. Yeah, it was supposed to be a tongue in cheek play on a much longer real name. He got teased about it and called that as a kid so he wore the rude name proudly when he got famous – he legally changed his name. It was weird.


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