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Mercy Thompson is a walker, able to shift into coyote form. She was raised by werewolves, and her various friends and acquaintances include a gremlin, a vampire, witches, and werewolves. She runs her own business as a mechanic, and her life changes dramatically when a young man on the run, a new werewolf, asks her for a job. She turns to her neighbor, the local pack alpha for help. 

I re-read this as I listened to the audiobook. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I don’t remember much of the story from my first read of the paperback years ago. Bits of the warehouse scene were all that was familiar. I liked it better this time around. The narration was amusing, especially the voices and accents, like Stefan’s and Zee’s. I have books 1-5 in paperback. Maybe I’ll finally read them now. I sat up until 3:00 to finish this one.