Always Jonesing for a Good Book

Give me a reason to read
A devastating male lead
I want a heroine tough
Some action a wee bit rough

Genres? Tried pretty much all
Romance is my siren call
I hate drama and horror
One’s scary, one’s a borer

Romance sub-genres wide spread
Billionaires, bikers, undead
Historical and modern
They all seem to get a turn

Motorcycle gangs are fine
I love a bad boy; he’s mine
If he has a heart of gold
Totally, completely sold

Rock stars are my kryptonite
Guitars and pants they keep tight
I love their bands and their life
It’s all glamour, glitz and strife

Vampires, weres, witches are cool
Their strength, speed, skills all rule
The undead scene in the night
Just not too graphic, alright?

I hate excess violence
It makes me sick and too tense
An animal dies, I’m done
A happy ending is rule one

I prefer love and romance
That sweet, tense, intricate dance
Not too much angst or delay
They just cause stress and dismay

I want a book I can’t drop
One that consumes me full stop
That kind are seldom and rare
Is there one like that out there?

Image courtesy of Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Always Jonesing for a Good Book

    1. I have quit reading more books others have raved about when an animal is abused. I just can’t read it. It bothers me more than people violence. I can’t read anything bad about animals or children. Both devastate me.

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