How did I get here? It seems I “failed outpatient treatment” so I became an inpatient. My stomach has still been acting up, I’m still not eating, I’m still losing weight, and I’ve had worsening pain. I missed two more days of work so I called the doctor.

It turned out he’d been trying to get my CT scan repeated and it had been denied by the insurance company. Upon hearing of my continued distress, he called again and I went in yesterday for an emergency scan. Guess what? I still have diverticulitis. The doctor said I had to go to the hospital emergency department for IV antibiotics.

I arrived at the hospital at 4:00, thinking maybe I’d be here a few hours and go home again. I’m naive, I know. When they started to talk about admitting me, I started to cry. I hadn’t really planned on staying, even though I knew it was a possibility.

So here I am. I won’t lie. Last night was rough. I was scared. I was alone. My one son doesn’t drive, the other was working until 8:00 and couldn’t get out, and my hubby was in another state. I was pretty down last night.

I was moved up to a floor. I have a private room with my own bathroom and shower. My nurse last night was such a joy. She was so funny. She perked me up several times, and I needed it.

I’ve already had the IV antibiotic, and they stopped the IV fluids at 2:00 this morning. I’m still on a liquid diet, and I’ve still got tummy issues. I can smell breakfast in the hallway and feel sad I won’t have any of that “real” food I can smell.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be here. It certainly isn’t what I wanted or planned. I’m so done with being sick. Here’s hoping the stronger medications kick this infection to the curb. I’m ready to be well again.