Still an Inpatient

I am still waiting to hear from the doctors whether or not I am going home today.


I graduated today from clear liquids to full liquids. I had tea, apple juice, milk, strained cream of potato soup and vanilla ice cream for lunch. The soup was incredibly good. I haven’t eaten real food since last Wednesday.


My hubby brought me flowers today.


A sweet nurse got me a recliner yesterday so I could get out of bed for a change.


I’m trying to be patient, but at this point, I’m tired of being A patient. I just want to go home.

20 thoughts on “Still an Inpatient

    1. I’m still here. They didn’t like the fact that I’m still running to the bathroom so I’m here another 1-2 nights. They are testing specimen again. They will keep giving me IV antibiotics and see how I am tomorrow. They are trying lactose free now, too.

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