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One day seems to blend into the next here. Last night was better belly-wise, but I had problems with my IV.

When I got here Friday night, they refused to use the big vein in my left arm because it had been used earlier that day for my CT scan. They said it had contrast in it. They picked my right arm, my dominant arm.

The nurse who placed the IV didn’t seem very experienced, and I hated the placement in the crook of my right elbow.

When I got to my room upstairs, I moved my arm just right and kinked the tube and immediately set off the alarm on the medicine pump. The nurse then wrapped my arm with gauze to make it harder to bend my arm.

That made it hard for me to eat, brush my teeth, use my phone, and wipe myself. I’m right handed. The more I tried to use my arm, the more the IV dug into my skin and hurt.

Last night when they hooked up my IV, it began to bleed, leak and burn. Ouch. They had to remove that IV and look for a new location. Finally! My arm is a scratched-up mess


My nurse tried twice to find a new vein with no success. Ouch. Ouch. She went and got a male nurse. He tried twice with no success. Ouch. Ouch. I was starting to feel like a pin cushion. They brought in a third male nurse. He was a little cocky and obnoxious, but he found a vein on the first try. I now have the IV on my left wrist and I’ve regained use of my right hand.


That’s the highlight of my day so far. They drew more blood this morning. I don’t know what they’re looking for now. I have two test results pending now with the specimen they collected yesterday.

My hubby saw our primary care doctor yesterday for his physical on her first day back from maternity leave. He clued her in as to where I am and what’s going on. She said she was looking into it. I’m much happier knowing she’s involved now.

I also talked to HR at work yesterday. I’m glad my employer is so supportive and helpful. I asked about disability since I am now out of vacation time and each day I’m here now is without pay. I don’t know when I can go back. I’m just concentrating on getting well and going home.

I miss my family and my pets. My kitty girl probably thinks I’ve abandoned her.  She’s my girl. I can’t wait to sit with her on my lap again.