Not Yet


I’m still home. Hubby and I are spending a quiet morning together. I had planned to return to work today, but paperwork is holding me up.

So that I could get paid, my employer put me on disability. Five days in the hospital seemed to qualify as disability to me and to my employer. Now if we could just get the Doctor’s assistance, I’d be all set.

I called my Doctor this morning, and they have no idea what I’m talking about. My employer faxed the forms to him last week while I was still in the hospital. The Doctor said they have nothing; no forms. If I had known this last week when I was at the Doctor’s office, I could have asked.

So now I wait while work contacts the Doctor’s office to ask, and Doctor prepares and provides a note saying I’m good to go. I was told to sit tight, and HR will call me later this afternoon.

Sounds like another day off for me. Oh, well.

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