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The paperwork has finally arrived from the Doctor. I return to work this afternoon.


I am almost afraid to see what awaits me. I haven’t been there since September 20th – twelve days or eight working days.

At last glance, my work emails were up to 250. I need to go through all of them. There will be a few junk emails, but most of them need processing. They all get saved to the document management system and added to the work network. Some will need to be printed, and I’ll have to find the files and put the file in to our docketing process. Others will need my personal attention and responses.

I also have a full in-box to deal with and a bookshelf full of files that need my review. I have to draft emails for all of those.


No, I have no illusions of an easy afternoon, but it’s a start, and I have to start somewhere.

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