Donna Reads: For a Good Time, Call… (Scars #1) by Jessica Gadziala

4 out of 5 Goodreads stars

Fiona (Fee) Meyers is a hard-drinking, tough-talking, phone sex operator. She stays out all night, sleeps until noon and takes calls for her self-owned business during the day. Most of who she is serves to hide what’s on the inside. Fiona has a tragic past, and she struggles to get through each day. When a new tenant moves into the apartment next door, Fiona’s world is turned upside down. Hunter is gorgeous, and Fiona thinks he’s perfect. They get to know each other, and as Fiona lets him in, things begin to change for her. Hunter is hiding a dark, secret past of his own, however, and when it catches up with him, he disappears.

This story was an interesting one. Fiona has been horribly abused by an ultra-religious father, but she ran away when she reached 18. She’s learned how to cope and survive on her own, but she is far from “normal”. At times, I found her character funny and endearing. I also admired her courage and backbone. Then other times I found her to be disappointing, especially those times when she slipped back into her self-destructive, old habits.

Hunter was more of a mystery. Yes, he seemed perfect (and perfect for her) in so many ways. He helped Fiona, bringing her out of her miserable existence and helping her find self-acceptance and love. He was sweet, protective and funny. We never learn anything about his family or his life before he met Fiona, though. All we know is that he builds furniture, and he’s also a tattoo artist. He’s ashamed of his violent past, but he doesn’t discuss it. As the story unfolded and they inevitably parted, I was disappointed that he hadn’t shared more, but there was a reason why he had not.

I enjoyed this one although it had dark elements to it. Fiona has risen above and continues to confront and overcome her tragic past. Hunter was forced to confront and reconcile with his. I especially liked that he is given the chance to reconnect with the woman he loves.


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