Just Proving a Point

I live in a neighborhood where the old folks are all batshit crazy. The obsessive  old man next door doesn’t like my feeding the birds and squirrels. They go into his yard. He’s now “boarded up” the hedge between our properties. This is only one of the boards. Gotta keep those dangerous squirrels out. They might dig a hole in his perfect grass or God Forbid, leave him a squirrel nugget or two. This is the insanity I live next to. Hey, goofus, I see leaves on your grass. Better fix that before society as we know it collapses from the stress. As you can see, I don’t rake.  I’m sure that gives him fits.


20 thoughts on “Just Proving a Point

  1. Well I’ll see your crazy and raise it to nasty. Lady downstairs yells and screams and swears at the two little kids laughing and squealing and having fun, “Shut the …. up you ….. little ……s “

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  2. LOL! He would have a stroke if he lived next to me… and not just because I feed the squirrels! I also don’t rake or do much of anything else either. I guess if he came over to complain to me about something, I’d go out on my porch and start clapping until he left….

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  3. I only rake around the fire barrel and my small perennial flower beds once or twice a year. My neighbors are more easy going, but seem a little anal about having everything perfect also, yet they don’t complain about it because we watch their dogs and house during the day. They did offer to pay for our dying, leaning pine tree to be cut down recently. They are afraid the tree with fall over on out fence we share and their dogs will get loose. We can’t afford to cut it and my son won’t be bothered. So we will let them do it, I hope they don’t bill us.

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    1. LOL! Neighbors can be so strange. I’ve let my yard go this year because I’ve been so sick. I’ve let it go in the past on purpose because this guy comes in my yard and has killed many of my perennials with his weed killer spray. Some plants were from my mother’s and grandmother’s yards (irreplaceable). I can’t stand this guy. How your yard looks is so unimportant to me. He wants every blade of grass facing in the same direction at a uniform height. He’s nuts.

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      1. He does sound nuts! My neirghbor’s wife is the crazy gardener, she also sprayed weed killer olong the border of outr fence but ut didn’t hurt the old rose bush that came with the property so I didn’t complain, Although I’m itching to lop off the branches of her annoying willows that grew 20 feet high in a couple years! They hang over my property, and I think she wanted a privacy hedge but picked the wrong one! I have willow leaves frozen to my deck since 80 % of the dead leaves are hers!

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  4. I think bat shit crazy may be an understatement!!!!!!!! Because birds and squirrels certainly could not just go over and around the hedge. Oh my goshhhhhhhhh. I do love that you feed the animals though. I adore nature and being outside

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    1. I can’t for the life of me figure out what he’s trying to convey here. Is it a message meant to scold me, or does he honestly think the squirrels will say, “okay we’ll go somewhere else.” Just bizarre.


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