Donna Reads: Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, #1) by Suzanne Wright

5 of 5 Goodreads stars.

Taryn Warner is a female wolf shifter who’s a gifted healer. She’s also latent (she’s never been able to shift into her wolf form). As such, she has always been a great disappointment to her widowed father who is Alpha of their pack. Eager to be rid of her, he approves of an arranged mating. When she is kidnapped by a different pack, she meets Trey Coleman. Trey’s pack is interested in her political connections and a possible alliance with her father. She is wary of the handsome Alpha wolf. Trey has a reputation of being a slightly off-balance, dangerous wolf, rumored to have gone feral. Trey proposes that he publicly claim her, and they act as true mates to help each other out. He will gain political connections needed to help him defeat a challenge for control of his pack from his uncle, and she will escape the arranged mating. They will have to work hard to convince the members of their packs and others that they are a mated couple with a true bond.

I was looking for a good shifter romance, and I found a list of recommendations on another blogger’s website. Suzanne Wright was a new author to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. This book was certainly off the charts hot. I read and listened to it in one day.

Trey was a dominant Alpha male who had difficulty expressing emotions. For all his over-the-top dominant behavior, though, he was actually sweet and protective of Taryn. Taryn was an assertive Alpha female. After many years of being bullied within her own pack, she had learned how to take care of herself. I liked that she stood up for herself, but there were times when it seemed like she fought with Trey just for the sake of being contrary. For the most part, he stuck to his end of the deal that they had made. I liked his character. He had a lot of tragedy in his life, but then so did Taryn. They really were meant for each other.

I recommend this one if you like XXX romance.

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