I enjoyed this mystery novel. I admit that I’m not much of a mystery reader; romance is more my thing. This novel has both mystery and romance. I was sucked in from the start.

Adrien (“Adrien with an “e””) English is a bookstore owner and writer. He is a very likable character, a 32 year old gay man with a bad heart from a bout of rheumatic fever as a teen. He takes heart pills and sudden scares bring on irregular heartbeats.

His friend and employee, Robert is found stabbed to death in an alley. Adrien becomes a suspect when the police discover that he was overheard arguing with Rob at a restaurant shortly before he died.

Adrien’s life soon becomes a great deal more difficult when the killer becomes his stalker.

I enjoyed the mystery and didn’t figure out who did it until towards the end. It really held my attention, and I stayed up late to finish it. I enjoyed the characters and the humor, and I enjoyed the budding romance and tension between Adrien and Detective Jake Riordan.