Sentimental Saturday #1

Well, another holiday season has come and gone. My fake Christmas tree returned to the basement early this afternoon. I almost didn’t put it up this year. We didn’t do Christmas.

My oldest son lost his job the day after Thanksgiving so black Friday had a different meaning for us this year. He ended up with no health insurance for a few months, and he’s a Type 1 (insulin-dependent) Diabetic. That made things a little scary around our house. I had to hang onto any extra cash I had (in case he needed financial help) so there were no gifts from Santa under our tree this year.

I try not to be materialistic, but having nothing to open Christmas morning really sucked. Much more than I thought it would. It was a depressing holiday.

I enjoyed the tree once we put it up (Hubby insisted we do so). It always looks pretty, and it’s covered with ornaments I made with my mother or that my boys made when they were small. It’s always a walk down memory lane, but yes, I was also glad to see it go this year. Ha! I just realized when I looked for a picture of this year’s tree that I don’t have one of it fully decorated. I took a picture when it was just covered with lights, and I was certain I was going to just leave it that way. It sat this way for several days before we put ornaments on. So here’s a picture of it unadorned with nothing but lights.

Things are starting to look up around here. My oldest son should be starting a new job soon. He’s just waiting to hear on whether or not he’s passed the physical exam. He’s also had several other interviews. He’s receiving unemployment, and he’s signed up for the Affordable Care health coverage. That was a huge relief off of Mom’s shoulders, let me tell you.

So we’ll let this holiday season slip by. They don’t have to all be stellar.

9 thoughts on “Sentimental Saturday #1

  1. One year I gave everyone IOUs for Christmas. I made pretty cards to put them in and they had one year to redeem them. One was a week of driving to shopping etc, house cleaning, shovelling etc.

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  2. It was the most un-Christmas Christmas I can ever remember this year, which was fine by me since I’m not much on the idea of society-forced gift giving. Mom did make a turkey… but everyone had to work and there were no gifts to be given or received. It was nice…

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  3. I hope 2018 is a better year for you! My husband and I didn’t do gifts this year but we did exchange with a couple other family members so we had a few to open. I like sending holiday cards and wish that was all I ever had to do as the gift buying is so expensive and stressful (to me) but most people are not into cards anymore so I don’t think my little plan will work.

    I have a friend who is married and has 2 older kids and, with his in-laws (not sure how many of them there are), they all draw one name pretty early, like in July, I think, and they then have several months to make a homemade gift for that person. I love that idea but I don’t think I’m capable of making anything anyone would want. His seem to be rather elaborate like building pieces of furniture, etc., but I guess it could be downscaled. I just think it’s such a nice tradition and so much more meaningful than going to Macy’s and driving oneself crazy looking for the “right” gift.

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    1. You’re right, Candace. Cards seem to have died out. My 94 year old mother in law is the only one we know who still sends them. I’m not sure I could make anything anyone would want either! I used to cross-stitch and crochet, but my eyes and hands won’t let me now.

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