A Reflection of the Times

Is it just me, or is it more difficult to post using the WordPress app on an iPhone than it is to go through the browser? I don’t seem to be able to upload images any longer through the app itself.9BAD8FF4-F2F3-4EA9-B511-5960F6E2DF5F

I’m still here as evidenced by the above picture of me taken just moments ago in the lunchroom at work.  I was trying to capture a picture of me in a new outfit to send to my hubby. The red flag in front of me is actually outside the window, a leftover Christmas decoration on a light pole in downtown Rochester, New York. We’ve reached that ugly time of year, in between fresh, pretty snow and Spring. We’ve got dirty piles of leftover snow and frigid temperatures. Not exactly conducive to cheerful, good moods.


Still, I try to keep smiling as I eat my boring cup of white rice. I’ve still got the occasional belly upset. They tell me that could go on for six months or more. It’s only been around three months, and it is better, just not entirely normal for me yet.  The sign behind me on the wall of the cafeteria says ‘Insta Healthy’. That’s our new addition to the work cafeteria, and there’s nothing there I want to even try!  Lots of protein bars, popcorn, nuts and seeds. Not much that’s diverticulitis friendly so I’ll pass. Thanks.

5293CEF4-BB2C-42FF-B6BC-F9BCDD0B5FAA.jpegStill the sunshine is nice today, and hubby thinks he’ll be home tonight. That’s something to look forward to anyway.

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