Not Such a Good Decision

1D3E1FD9-3578-4567-AE89-CB71245F41BE.jpegBrisket. Yes, it’s a cut of beef, and I probably shouldn’t have Googled it because once I saw where it comes from on the cow, and I read all about how it’s cooked to make it tender because it’s a fatty cut of meat because of all the ‘connective tissue’, etc. Well, just yuck, okay? I could easily be a vegetarian IF I could actually eat veggies.

Anyway, I’ve always been a fan of brisket because it’s yummy.  I had a hankering for it yesterday, and I was feeling pretty good so I took a chance.  I sent hubby out for some Dinosaur Barbecue.  I had brisket and a quarter barbecue chicken (white meat). I had fries and baked beans as my sides, and it came with corn bread. It was an ambitious meal for someone who typically eats white rice, white bread, white potatoes, baked chicken breast and the occasional baked boneless pork chop. I don’t do adventurous anymore. I can’t.

I probably shouldn’t have last night either. I finally felt able to lie down in bed at 4:00 this morning, and I was still tasting the barbecue.  I ate all the brisket (two or three small slices), I nibbled a little of the chicken (none of the skin), and I had a few fries. That’s it. No beans and no corn bread. My belly was not happy. Not at all. Oh, well. Welcome to my world.

Today is a slow go. I’m listening to tunes and looking at pictures of rock stars on Pinterest while hubby watches YouTube videos of various technological gadgets at the moment. Doesn’t get anymore exciting than that here, folks. I’m writing (blog post and personal fiction) as I sit here. Housework (making beds and vacuuming) coming up shortly.




10 thoughts on “Not Such a Good Decision

  1. Oh Donna! You and I are in the same boat!! Having trouble eating all but the very basic of foods- oatmeal, white rice… I am branching out lately to a little more but I have to be so careful… Veggies are good- if they are in soups and totally mushy!!! And they have to be only certain ones- broccoli, cauliflower, carrots. A little bit of beans…. This is not very fun, but I have lost weight!! Will be praying you feel better soon too!!

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      1. I understand… but it seems like its a bit more that just needing fiber.. For me it is anyway.. That fiber hasn’t helped at all!! So sorry, I could tell you some of what I have been doing if you want, but that should be emailed privately. If you want, you are welcome to email me about it.

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