Prayers, Please

Ever sat in the car in a traffic jam and thought you couldn’t stand it a minute longer?

Try sitting there for eighteen (18) hours. I couldn’t do it. I’d have gone crazy by now.

My hubby is a trucker. He’s currently stuck outside of Tannersville, Pennsylvania on Interstate 80 about eight miles west of the New Jersey border. He’s been there EIGHTEEN hours, folks.

There are about 1500 trucks involved. All are stuck as a result of the big snowstorm we just had that blew through here (Rochester, NY) from late Thursday night until midday Friday. We got about a foot of snow in twelve hours.

That’s my car in the driveway.

Poor hubby ran into the same snow on the road in Pennsylvania midday Friday. There are accidents all around him, and the National Guard has been called in.

Please, pray that he moves soon. He says,

“I’ve got plenty of food plenty of water plenty of fuel I’m warm, playing video games.”

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