Donna Reads: Mystery Man (A Dream Man Novel) by Kristen Ashley

85272934-5E75-4686-B05C-E8D6D7434541.jpegI’m starting to wonder if Ms. Ashley’s books are all a variation on the same theme. She seems to write great heroes who don’t get a lot to do in the story with ditzy dames as their female leads. The women are all hot, and they all dress slutty. All the male characters in the story want them. The heroines go off and get into all kinds of ridiculous situations trying to save the day themselves instead of letting the hero take care of them. I guess I just don’t get the whole slapstick/Lucille Ball thing. Not all women are monumentally stupid.

The heroine in this book, Gwendolyn Kidd, only sees the hero (her Mystery Man) at night, sleeping with him for a year and a freaking half and she doesn’t even know his name! (That’s not disgusting). She lets him continue to break into her house whenever he feels like sleeping with her, and he leaves before dawn. She also tongue kisses any man who kisses her and has an instant spark and sexual reaction. Seriously? Come on! What a floozy.

Gwen was several long steps over the line into skank territory which was a shame because she could’ve been such a great character. She was sweet, funny and charming. I would have liked her a lot more if she’d just said “no” and kept more of the men at arm’s length.

Gwen was stringing along four hot men even after she’d been sleeping with the hero for a year and a half. She’s sleeping with her mystery man (hot guy #1) nearly every night and one day her horrible half sister (who should have been disowned by TSTL Gwen years ago) gets into really bad trouble. Gwen turns to the local motorcycle gang since she remembers her sister dated one of the bikers. She attracts the attention of the motorcycle gang president (hot guy #2). This infuriates her mystery man and he finally comes to her in the daytime and becomes a bigger part of her life. At one point she talks to a police detective (hot guy #3). Then she also finds out her best guy friend (hot guy #4) is also in love with her. They all confess they want her and make a play for her even though they barely know her. I think it was based on the fact that she wore dresses that barely covered her fantastic body, sleazy sky high heels and flirted with and kissed them all.

She spends most of the book getting into trouble and kidnapped. She also sleeps in a bed with the biker for several nights after she’s had a fight with the hero who she was living with. I just did not like her (or her lack of a moral compass). Our hero, Cabe “Hawk” Delgado deserved so much better.

I have another nit to pick with this book. We didn’t find out that Gwen was a blue eyed blonde until the EPILOGUE! I kept trying to figure it out throughput the entire book, looking back several times to see if I’d missed it somewhere. I like to be able to picture the characters as I read, and I couldn’t here.

My overall opinion? If you like silly stories with great heroes and preposterously dumb, over the top sleazy but well-meaning heroines, pick up a Kristen Ashley book. For now I will continue to read them. I’m just not sure I “get” them.


2 thoughts on “Donna Reads: Mystery Man (A Dream Man Novel) by Kristen Ashley

  1. I’ll agree that there are so e silly heroines, but some of her books have kick ass not as “blonde” heroines. I know in the Rock Chick series there are a few. Renegade and Reckoning are two. Also in the Burg series there are some normal women and in the Magdalene series as well. I guess I find her writing along the same lines as Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Kind of slapstick humor, Alpha guys but hotter (more hot?) sex. Gwen was one of my least favorites. I still like Tyra from Motorcycle Man. She kicks ass.

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