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4001C208-DC6F-4377-BC80-B314FBB479D1.jpegSamantha Logan is half Amoveo (a race of shifters), but she doesn’t know it. Raised by a grandmother who only wanted to keep her safe after her parents were killed, she doesn’t have a clue she’s different. She moves home to live with her grandmother when she fails as an artist in New York City, and when she meets her new neighbor things begin to change.

Malcolm Drew is full blooded Amoveo, and he has always known that Samantha is his lifemate. If she were full blooded Amoveo, she would’ve known him on sight, too. Since she isn’t, he is forced to date her like a human. As he gets to know her, and they begin to develop a bond, he realizes someone is stalking her. Someone is trying to destroy the Amoveo.

I liked this shifter romance. It was different than I expected. It was romantic, and the world building was well done and interesting. I liked the characters, and the supporting cast is clearly being developed to star in future installments. I would recommend this one.