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I know they’re not for everyone, but I love Five Finger Death Punch. What first drew me to them was Jason Hook’s guitar riff in My Nemesis. Jason is an awesome guy. After I watched him on Instagram giving guitars away to fans at meet and greets, and then I saw his other Instagram page with his cats, I became a true fan. When I watched his documentary, Hired Gun, I was totally sold.

Death Punch is a little rough around the edges. Most of their songs contain the “F” word. They’re loud. Ivan Moody alternates between a deep throated growl or surprisingly smooth and beautiful vocals. Their music is fun. A lot of it is tongue in cheek.  My hubby thinks this type of music makes people angry. I think the opposite. Yelling along with this type of music gets out my aggression – it’s kind-of like scream therapy for me.

Hubby asked me over the weekend about the second concert we were attending (beside Alice Cooper in September). I had no idea what he was talking about. He said “Death Punch”, and I just shrugged.

Monday, son #1 (age 27) pulled me aside and said son #2 (age 22) was telling everyone I was taking him to see Death Punch.  Uh-oh. I had said last year that if they ever came back this way, I’d take him, but nothing was definite.

Yesterday morning I went online and Googled Death Punch Tour.  Guess who’s coming to town – also in September? Guess who bought four tickets?

The family who sees Death Punch together stays together?

The four of us are going to see them on Labor Day at Darien Lake (a theme park where they have a concert venue).  That’s Monday.  Then Friday of that same week Hubby and I go to see Alice Cooper in another state (Pennsylvania). It’s going to be quite the week.This is a testament to how much my Hubby loves me. He doesn’t care for this type of music.

I can’t wait.

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