Donna Reads: The Copper Smith Farmhouse (Jamison Valley #1) by Devney Perry

9B07DDC1-9DBD-4B62-809B-254CF5E2FFDBI purchased this book last October and forgot about it. It sat on my kindle unread. I stumbled across it in a review of a different book by the same author. I picked this one up and read it in one day on Memorial Day. 

Georgia Ellars and her four year old daughter, Rowen move to Prescott, Montana to start life fresh in a farmhouse left to them by an old man Georgia befriended in Spokane. Prescott is a very small town of only 823. Georgia starts work at the hospital as a nurse, and she is charmed by everyone but the grouchy sheriff, Jess Cleary. 

This was my first read by this author. I liked her writing style and character development. I liked the love story. Georgia had not been treated so well by men in her past, and her initial interactions with the sheriff didn’t go very smoothly either. When he realized he’d misjudged her and screwed up, he tried immediately to make amends. He was described as a ‘manly man’, and he was used to having his way. He was bossy and told everyone what to do, but there was a reason why he was that way. He wasn’t just a jerk. The little girl in the story was cute. 

I wasn’t crazy about the whole drug dealer in town subplot. The criminals were pretty one dimensional, and a lot of what happened was easy to figure out and telegraphed way in advance. I know this was to give the sheriff a crime to solve and to create danger for both main characters; the bad things that happened to Jess and to Georgia I saw coming paragraphs (chapters) ahead. 

Still this was a great read, good enough to get me started on the second book in the series. 

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