From my friend Deb at The Reading Chick. Thank you for your kind words.

The Reading Chick

This week on my Blogger to Blogger series I want to highlight a blog that I have enjoyed following called Heron There & Everywhere. Donna’s blog posts are very eclectic, filled with book reviews and commentary about her everyday life. There may even be a couple of posts about her friendly neighborhood squirrel thrown in for good measure. Donna and I share a love for rock star romances and the author Mariana Zapata. We have even hosted a blog book club reviewing Ms. Zapata’s book Kulti (still one of my all time faves!). I have come to appreciate Donna’s discussions about her own life, learning to live with my own struggles while watching a blogger friend go through her own. If you haven’t ever visited Donna’s blog, please do! You’ll come to appreciate her honesty and taste in good books just as I have!

Click this link to visit her…

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