Donna Reads: Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1) by Ilona Andrews

Iron and Magic by Ilona AndrewsI will state up front that I have never read the Kate Daniels series. I have the first several books, but for some reason at the time the first book didn’t hold my interest. Now I’m thinking maybe I should’ve read them, just because I liked this one so much.

I went into Iron and Magic not knowing anything about the characters, the history or the world they inhabit. I’m happy to state that this book stands alone. I didn’t need to have read any of the other books.

Hugh D’Ambray has been cast aside. Once a great warlord and leader of men, he’s broken and beaten. The story opens when his soldiers come to find him. Someone is killing off each of them, one by one, and they need Hugh.

Elara Harper is known as the white witch. She and her people have been driven out of one place after another. They have finally found a home, an abandoned castle they inhabit. Now someone wants the castle and the land, and they are determined to have it.

Hugh and his army are starving and need a home. Elara and her people need protection. To unite and present a cohesive front against a common enemy, they marry. It’s a marriage in name only, and they are constantly sniping at each other.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book. I liked Hugh a lot. Elara was harder to get to know. When the book ends, we’re still up in the air as to exactly what Elara is. Even Hugh doesn’t know for sure.

The book is filled with vampires, necromancers, druids, witches and shapeshifters. Parts of it were gruesome but easily skimmed over. The romance part was a long time in coming and pretty brief, but I understand that’s typical of this husband-wife writing team.

I prefer more romance and less sci-fi/fantasy in my books, but it was still a great read. I look forward to the next book in the series. I wish I didn’t have to wait until 2019.

5 thoughts on “Donna Reads: Iron and Magic (The Iron Covenant, #1) by Ilona Andrews

  1. I’m so glad you picked it up! I love Kate Daniels and all of her other series like the Innkeeper Chronicles and the Hidden Legacy trilogy. All of their books start slow especially in regards to romance, but every single one gets better with each following book. I can only recommend her books!🖤🖤🖤

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  2. Kate daniels is one of my favorites for sure! All of their novels are fantasy with hi ts of romance, so even the Hidden Legacy series whose covers look straight romance are slow burn with the romance hitting its stride in book two and three. Kate and The Beast Lord romance is a slow burn. The series is 10 books and I think their romance is flirted at in the first two books but they don’t get together until maybe the third. Their Innkeeper series is another favorite and has a great slow burn romance. Now that I think about it they are all pretty similar in the romance theme! Lol. The Edge are my least favorites with the exception of I think the third book? But the kids in those books show up as adults in the Innkeeper series. I bet I’ve said too much now, LOL.

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    1. No, you haven’t, Deb. I have quite a few of their books. I just haven’t read them! They’re so different and hard to get into although Iron and Magic grabbed me right from the start. I’m hoping the others will, too.

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