Donna Reads: Louder Than Love (Love & Steel, #1) by Jessica Topper

Louder Than Love by Jessica TopperKatrina Lewis is a widowed mother. Grieving and lost when her husband died suddenly, she left her librarian job in New York City and returned to her childhood home in Lauder Lake where she’s spent the past three years just living her life. Her four year old daughter, Abbey, is a huge fan of a PBS children’s show about a cartoon detective cat, and the theme song is sung by a British musician. When Katrina decides to try to find the musician for a presentation at the small town’s library, she is surprised when he agrees to it and then shows up late and drunk. She’s even more surprised when he proceeds to charm the entire crowd.

Adrian Graves has a secret. He was once a world famous guitarist and part of a heavy metal band, but he’s run from that life. He spends his days hiding from life, a recluse. When he agrees to Katrina’s offer to sing and perform some silly songs from a children’s program, he never expects to find his way back to life again.

What I liked about this book:

1. That they were older. He was in his 40’s; she was mid 30’s.
2. Its sweetness. The love story is slow paced and slow to develop.
3. The little girl. Abbey was charming and never annoying.
4. The whole aging rockstar vibe was different and frankly, a welcome change.

What I didn’t care for:

1. Katrina’s friends. They were too high-schoolish and immature. I had trouble keeping track of who was who and/or caring. They weren’t integral to the story and some parts with them could’ve been edited out.
2. The whole no one knew who Adrian was thing. That got old. Her brother was a HUGE fan of the band. His old bedroom at Katrina’s parents’ house was covered with old band posters. Abbey was afraid of them. Somehow it escaped everyone’s notice who Adrian was? Come on. I’m not buying it. She would’ve recognized him immediately.
3. The fact that Adrian lived in New York City and no one noticed him. Then he steps on stage one time in one club, and he’s being chased down the street by rabid fans. That was a little far fetched, too.

Overall, I highly recommend this one, though. It’s a great but different rockstar romance.

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