Donna Reads: Midnight Valentine by J.T. Geissinger

Midnight Valentine by J.T. GeissingerMegan Dunn is a widow who lost her husband five years in the past. Cass was the love of her life, and Megan is broken and lost without him. She and Cass had always planned to move from Phoenix, Arizona to Seaside, Oregon and buy and renovate the Buttercup Inn. When Megan decides to go through with their plans on her own, her doctor thinks she’s stuck in the past and unable to let go and move on. She herself wonders often if she’s crazy. Once she arrives in Seaside, she meets Theo Valentine, a scarred, mute man who survived a bad accident and is the contractor everyone in town recommends she use to work on the inn. Theo is moody and hostile, and even though she tries, Megan can’t seem to avoid him. For some reason, they are drawn to each other.

I loved this book. Megan and Theo had both been through terrible trauma. Both were damaged, lonely and depressed. I really liked Megan. In so many romance novels, the heroine disappoints me. Megan never disappointed. She was awesome. She was scared, she had doubts, and she went through a lot, but she stayed strong, resilient and true to character. I loved that she was sarcastic and snarky, and I loved her interactions with Theo. It didn’t matter that he didn’t speak. They communicated just fine. Their emails were especially cute and funny.

Poor Theo went through more than one man should have to endure in a lifetime (or two or three). He was tortured both mentally and physically. I felt bad for him at times. He was lucky to have Megan.

The underlying theme of this book was a love that was too strong to die or be denied.

This was my first read by J.T. Geissinger; it won’t be my last. In reading the author’s notes at the back of the book on what her original plans were for Theo, I am so glad she didn’t end the story the way she had intended. The happily ever after was much needed and appreciated.

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