Donna Reads: Zack (A Cold Fury Hockey novel) by Sawyer Bennett


Zack Grantham is a single father to a little boy, Ben. He’s a hockey player who lost his girlfriend, his son’s mother in a car crash where he was driving. Although it wasn’t his fault, he’s wracked with guilt. He feels bad because she died, but he’s also got all kinds of guilt about how he really felt for her and why he never married her. He’s been on the disabled list while he gets physical therapy and rehabs a broken wrist. He’s also seeing a psychiatrist at the team’s direction. His older sister has been helping him out with his son, but she needs to return home to her own life while he gets ready to return to the ice. His sister hires him a nanny. 

Kate Thomas is quirky. She’s an older college student from a dirt-poor family. She’s spent years caring for her alcoholic father and then her sister’s three babies. Kate has a sense of humor, and she’s strong and great with kids. Ben takes to her immediately. Zack does not. He resents her being there although even he can see how good she is for Ben. 

When things change between Zack and Kate, he still doesn’t let her in. He sets stupid ground rules to try to keep her out. She agrees to all of his ridiculous conditions because she is beginning to care for him. He’s just plain rude, obnoxious and mean to her several times. 

Two things about this book bothered me a little. 1. Zack was a jerk. He didn’t want her associating with his friends or their wives but she was good enough to raise his kid AND fool around with. He was constantly reminding her of her social status. She was an employee. I didn’t like that at all. 2. The timing was ‘off’. He’d just lost his girlfriend a few months in the past after they’d been together for years. It was too soon for a new relationship. Then after weeks of telling Kate they could never be anything more then suddenly overnight he’s all in, he loves her, and he wants to get married. What? That didn’t ring true either. It didn’t fit. The ending seemed way too rushed. 

This one was just okay for me. 3.5 stars. 

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