Donna Reads: Burn for You ( Slow Burn #1) by J.T. Geissinger

B826A9C0-D400-4DEB-B0A2-D8502147AA34Bianca Hardwick is a chef in New Orleans. She’s overextended, trying to keep her restaurant afloat and pay for her mother’s medical bills. Her mother will die without expensive medical treatment. Jackson Bordeaux is wealthy, heir to a bourbon empire. A stipulation in his trust states that he must marry or lose his fortune. He’s bad tempered and anti-social, known as “the Beast”. He comes in to Bianca’s restaurant because her menu features dishes using his bourbon. He and Bianca clash. He asks her to marry him. He’ll keep his money, and she will be able to pay for her mother’s treatments. 

I listened to this one on audible. I have to be honest. I didn’t like Bianca, and I didn’t care for what happened in the story to turn her away from Jackson. She didn’t even give him a chance. Jackson’s life had not been an easy one. He deserved better. I really liked his character although I didn’t care for Sebastian York’s narration of Jackson. Mr. York’s voice has no emotion in it whatsoever. He reads every character he voices exactly the same – dull and lifeless. His character sounds the same, whether he’s happy, sad, walking down the street, having sex, or yelling. There’s no change in the monotone of his voice. For me, he takes away from the story.

I wish now that I had read this one instead of listening to it. The story is a good one, the narration not so much.

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