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Joellen Bixby is a little pathetic. Her mother and sister are models, and she thinks she doesn’t measure up. She’s heard her whole life that she’s fat and unattractive so she believes it. She works as a copy editor where she gets walked all over, and she’s been in love with her married boss for ten years. Michael, her boss, is slick and phony, but she thinks he’s dreamy. When Joellen’s neighbor swaps apartments with his cousin, she ends up with a world famous rugby player as her neighbor. Cameron McGregor is cocky and brash, handsome and half-dressed. Joellen has no clue who he is. When he offers to help her “get” Michael, who’s just announced he’s getting divorced, Joellen is all in. 

I loved the interplay between Joellen and Cam. He was fantastic. I loved his humor and his personality. He was constantly building her up and telling her how wonderful she was. She just didn’t get it. She was so blinded by her “pretty boy” boss she couldn’t see that he was just a huge douchebag. It took her a long time to see what was right in front of her. 

I loved this story. It was cute and engaging. The narration on audible was awesome!