Kate Daniels is a mercenary. She goes wherever she’s asked, no matter how dangerous, for money. She kills bad things for the bounty. When her guardian is killed, she decides to investigate his murder on her own. 

This is a book I’ve had on my Kindle for some time, but I haven’t read it. I had to be in the mood to pick it up. It’s a little dark and twisted with vampires, shapeshifters, necromancers, and mercenaries. It’s also a little violent and gory although it’s easy to skim through the goriest parts. 

I didn’t like the lack of backstory. Although this is the first book in a long series, the writers chose to just dive right in. There’s no detail, no history, and no explanation. I felt at times like I was missing something. They’d refer to a past event like we should be familiar with it. I kept wondering if I’d picked up the second book by mistake. I am assuming that more will be explained as the series progresses, but the lost feeling was annoying for me and spoiled some of my enjoyment of the story. 

Overall, I liked the writing enough to keep reading. It made me want to see what happens next. I’m not wild about Kate. I don’t care for her leap before you look attitude. Her lone wolf style would get her killed pretty quickly. I’m intrigued by the shapeshifters and the upcoming romance. That’s enough to keep me reading.