Donna Reads: Magic Burns (Kate Daniels #2) by Ilona Andrews

Kate Daniels finds herself in another life threatening situation. This one was a crazy mix of shapeshifters, the undead, witches, gods and goddesses. In trying to help a young girl find her witch mother, Kate almost gets killed again. Kate gets saved by the pack again. But Kate doesn’t need anyone but herself.

Two books in, and I’ve grown weary of Kate’s independence. I know other readers love her because she’s kickass and strong. I find her ridiculous. She’s overpowered so easily many times. A smart mouth and fast moves doesn’t make you admirable. It usually makes you a target. In many ways she’s quite stupid. I still don’t like Kate.

I admire the writing here because the pages of these books fly by. I don’t always care for the graphic and gory details, but I skim those and don’t lose any of the story. I do like the slow attraction building between Kate and Curran. I’ll keep reading because I want to see her admit she needs someone else, and I want to hear her come clean with him on all of the details of her past.

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