Donna Reads: Magic Strikes (Kate Daniels #3) by Ilona Andrews

Kate and gladiators and torture. This was a harder one for me to read. There’s an illegal, underground, fight to the death gladiator tournament going on. Kate’s young shapeshifter friend, Derek gets mixed up with a girl he wants to rescue. Her captors are a bunch of sadistic freaks who can’t be stopped, and they want to eliminate all shapeshifters. Of course they work for the ultimate bad guy, Roland and they bring Kate much closer to being discovered. Of course Kate and her shapeshifter friends go behind Curran, the Beast Lord’s back and meet the freaks in the tournament.

I didn’t like how Curran was kept out of the loop for three quarters of the book. I kept looking for him to show up and save the day like he always does. There’s a reason why he’s in charge. He saves Kate’s ass time and time again. In this one at the end of the big battle scene, she finally does the saving. Then she gets carried off, half dead, and he has to save her yet again.

Her character is developing and growing, but it’s in infinitesimal amounts. I love the writing; I really don’t like Kate.

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