Donna Reads: Eirik (Mists of Albion Book 1) by Joanna Bell

I haven’t read a good time travel romance in some time. This is a great one. Paige Renner has never quite fit in. She’s a college student who lost her mother when she was 5. Her father gave up on life and retreated into himself and his bedroom. Left to mostly fend for herself, lonely, little Paige discovers a new world and new friends when she accidentally touches a tree in the woods behind her house and finds herself in 9th century England.

Years pass, and she goes back and forth between worlds, visiting her friends, Willa and Eadgar. Sadly she learns that to talk in the modern world of her friends in the past gets her labeled as a freak and a weirdo. School sends her to various psychologists, and kids bully her. As a college student, she makes one last trip back to the past to maybe say goodbye and check on her friends, and she’s abducted by Vikings. With escape on her mind so that she can return to her own time, she doesn’t plan to catch the eye of the Viking Jarl, Eirik.

This was such a good book. I couldn’t put it down. I did skim some of the bits 2/3 of the way through with the obsessive doctor in the present who refuses to let Paige go and has her committed to a mental facility. I realize that part was necessary to wake her depressed father up. It seemed a little strange that he’d be in that much of a funk for fifteen years, but this was a fantasy story with time travel and all so it was understandable.

I loved the hero. Eirik was everything a Viking leader should be. He was strong and wise, and he loved Paige without question. He knew she was different, and he guessed she was from another world of some sort, and he accepted her as she was. He was so logical about everything for an uneducated warrior, and I liked his sage reasoning. He knew she loved him back although she wouldn’t admit as much until the end. Just a great love story. I highly recommend it.

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