Donna Reads: Ragnar (Mists of Albion #2) by Joanna Bell

What a disappointment. At 72% I skimmed along to the end to get to the HEA. I stopped reading every word because I simply could not abide Emma! After hating her in Book One, I hated her more as the main character in Book Two.

Also, one major flaw here: There was nothing original in this book. It was basically a mirror copy of the first book, Eirik. It was the same story told with different characters. I would have liked to see something changed up a bit. I understand the third book has a slight twist. The hero from the past goes into the future so I will likely read that one. This one was just a disappointment for me, though.

Emma was obnoxious, headstrong and annoying. She didn’t listen to anyone or anything and did whatever she pleased. In Eirik, she couldn’t keep her mouth shut and Paige ended up in a mental ward because of Emma’s big mouth.

I wanted to see more repentance from Emma in this book. I actually wanted to see her get what was coming to her and maybe have to suffer some herself. Instead she was still loud and overbearing and couldn’t keep quiet. She mouthed off where she shouldn’t have, and even after getting beat silly by a man in the beginning of the book, she still didn’t learn how to keep quiet. Woman weren’t loud and aggressive in the 9th century.

Why on earth did the hero love her? I honestly still don’t know. I get that she was healthier-looking than any 9th century Viking woman (she had nice skin and nice teeth). That wasn’t enough, though. Her personality was horrible. I really liked Ragnar, and I wanted better for him than Emma. Yes, they had a happy ending, but Emma was an awful person. He deserved more. Nothing softened her or made her a sympathetic character. I found myself actually wishing something terrible would happen to her, and by the 2/3 point of the book, I just didn’t care anymore. That was why I skimmed to the ending.

It’s a shame. I wanted to like this one a whole lot more.

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