Donna Reads: Butterface (the Hartigans #1) by Avery Flynn

Gina Luca is a wedding planner, and she considers herself undateable. She has been mocked and bullied her entire life because of her looks. Gina’s two brothers are loan sharks and minor criminals, intent on getting themselves deeper into trouble. Ford Hartigan is a detective who has been assigned to get close to Gina to try to learn more about her brothers. Along the way, Ford and Gina fall in love. Gina is convinced she doesn’t deserve happiness because of her looks, and Ford is certain that he and Gina have no future because of her family connections.

Entirely too much time was spent in this book harping on how ugly Gina was. She had a huge nose and bulgy eyes. Everywhere she went everyone commented on her looks, razzed her, ridiculed her, and pulled pranks on her. Seriously? That kind of behavior might have happened in middle school or high school, but she was a successful business woman. I find it hard to believe that adults would have acted that way. It got so tiresome. I did enjoy the love story and the Hartigan family. The superficiality of everyone in town was over the top and unbelievable, though.

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