Donna Reads: Harmony (the Club Girl Diaries #1) by Addison Jane

Harmony Jones is an MC “club girl”. Most MC books don’t feature the club whores or camp followers. This book is written from the angle of the hooker with a heart of gold. Everyone loves “Harmz”. I almost passed on this one because I have a hard time with stories that feature multiple sex partners. It’s gross. That part of her life is only the first bit of the book, though. Even though there are only a few separate scenes of her with other guys, it was a little hard for me to forget that she’d been intimate with all the guys in the club. They all knew all there was to know about her. Yuck.

The story improved and picked up for the better when the hero, the President of a different chapter of the same club, arrived. Kit Cranshaw claimed her as his almost immediately upon seeing her, and he put a stop to her sleeping with anyone besides him. He didn’t want her for just sex. He wanted all of her. He wanted to get to know her and build a future with her. He wasn’t sure why at first, but he saw something special in her. She got angry when he doesn’t immediately sleep with her. I liked the relationship between the two of them. I liked him a lot.

The supporting cast of characters was an interesting mix, both Kit’s club and her original one. The tension in the story comes from the bad guys, and she is roughed-up and kidnapped a couple of times. She feels Kit lets her down and doesn’t protect her more than once. Towards the end of the story when she blindly goes off with a character who has physically mistreated her more than once, I almost threw my kindle across the room. She was supposed to be smart. No one would have gotten into a car alone with someone who hated her, someone she had never trusted, someone who had proven over and over again that he was not trustworthy. That was ridiculous.

I will continue on with the series to get the resolution of Chelsea’s story, the teaser/cliffhanger from the end of the first book.

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