I went back to work a week ago Thursday, and I got through my two days of work last week. The weekend went okay. By Monday my stomach was starting to act up again. By Tuesday I was in tears at work with stomach cramps. I called the doctor to see what I should do. They wanted all my tests repeated. 

I left work early Tuesday and went for bloodwork. Wednesday I dropped off another sample. Thursday the results were in, and the c. diff test came back as positive again.  I was off of the vancomycin for only eight days. I’m back on it now through the end of January (seven weeks). They are using a tapered approach, and I will stop taking it gradually. 

I was told I could go to work with this, but I have to maintain good hand hygiene (washing thoroughly with soap and water), and I must bleach the toilet at work if I use it that way. Fun times. I got up on Friday to go to work and was so sick with belly pain I could barely stand up straight. Needless to say, I called in sick. 

Friends and family who have had this tell me to be patient. It takes time to get well again. I’m sick of feeling poorly, and I’d really like to get back to living my life again and not have a bad bacterial infection run my life for me. I haven’t even decorated for Christmas yet. 

Maybe Santa can bring me wellness this year.