Performing at the Recital

Today was my first live bass playing “performance”. My guitar teacher invited her students to play with her at a fundraiser for the radio station she works for.

I switched to bass (from guitar) at the tale end of last year, and I haven’t regretted my decision. I love playing my bass and take weekly lessons with Deborah Magone, a talented local musician and an awesome and patient teacher. Check her out on iTunes. She’s even more awesome in person.

Today’s show was at the Jetty at the Port of Rochester.

I was nervous, but I played anyway. It was terrifying and fun at the same time. My hubby and two sons were there to support me. I’m glad I did it even if I felt a little silly up on stage. I wish I had smiled more, but I was busy concentrating on not making mistakes. I think I only made two small ones. No one noticed.

Here I am waiting for my turn to play. We did five songs, and I played on the last three.

Here I am almost looking like I knew what I was doing.

A video of us performing Teach Your Children.

It was a stretch, and I had to push myself way past my comfort zone to get there and get through it. Would I do it again? I might even if I am a 60 year old beginner musician. Life should be about challenges and successes. It keeps us young.

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