6 thoughts on “Cat Chronicles: Day 18 – June 18

  1. quiall says:

    Blue days make us appreciate all the other colours in the box!

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    1. Donna Florack says:

      This is true. Meg and Dash have brought so much light, life and happiness to our house. It still hits me every so often that Ginger is really gone. Having them here has helped the loneliness, though.

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      1. quiall says:

        You will never lose Ginger. She will always rest gently in your heart and in your memories. Just like my Quinn and Ally.

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      2. I feel disloyal sometimes when pets pass and I start over. I shouldn’t because new ones need love, too, and I loved the old ones with all my heart. It takes nothing away from them and it keeps me sane to have new friends to focus on.

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  2. I love these cat posts! They’re both so cute…

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    1. Thank you. They really are great kitties, both of them. Mama is so sweet and gentle, and baby is a laugh a minute. He’s lucky he’s adorable because he’s into everything. Very tiring keeping him safe.


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