Cat Chronicles: Day 24 – June 24

Today was a scheduled day off. Chase was going to the vet for an all day Diabetes blood glucose curve. I had planned to spend the day relaxing – just reading and writing. Well , you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

2 thoughts on “Cat Chronicles: Day 24 – June 24

  1. Ody became diabetic a couple years ago, so I can sympathize with this… even the explosion barfs when he gets too high. Ody seems to tolerate very low sugars just fine, which perplexes the vet every time he reads in the 30’s when I bring him in, but she’s just finally chalked it up to him being odd. As long as I can keep him out of the 300’s and 400’s he does alright. I hope he never has to wear that sweater! Ody would bust it out for one thing with how big he is…

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    1. I didn’t know Ody was diabetic, too. That’s why Chase throws up all the time! It never dawned on me that he was too high. I’m glad you said that. My boys have been that low – in the 30’s, and they felt sick from it. It wakes them out of a sound sleep. Diabetes is a horrible disease. You can live with it, but it’s a pain in the butt.


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