Cat Chronicles: Day 57 – July 27

Meg and Dash have been here almost two months now.

Dash is four months old. You know he is getting bigger when in a side by side comparison with Chase, he’s almost the same length. He’s a curious, confident cat. He’s fearless and friendly. When he’s not with Meg, he’s with me. He’s a snuggler. He needs to check out anything I have or anything I touch. His biggest “foe” is blanket mice. His best buddy is his mother. He dashes up and down with gleeful abandon, genuinely happy with life.

Meg is learning about her world through her son. If he tries it, a bit later, she will tentatively try it, too. More kitten than cat, she races up and down with her son. She is a compassionate cat, sweetly looking out for both Dash and Chase. She’s shy and non aggressive. If she has a treat or a toy, and Dash wants it, she willingly surrenders what she has although we wish she wouldn’t. She’s sweet and friendly, and will rub against us, purring and asking for attention. She gives us nose boops. She has come a long way from the shy cat hiding under the bed that she was when we got her.

Both mother and son have been great additions to our family.

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