There was some sort of neighborhood festival going on in one of our town parks Saturday evening. My son and I went grocery shopping after 9:00 p.m. and shortly after arriving at Wegmans, we heard the unmistakable sounds of a fireworks display going off. It was quite the show, very loud and lengthy. We were in the store for a full shopping trip, and when we came out, we stood on the sidewalk outside the store entrance, enjoying the last several minutes of the show.

It was awesome and so much better than what my hubby and I saw on the Fourth of July. Bravo, neighborhood festival! Bravo!

5 thoughts on “Fireworks!

  1. My younger son always wanted to play with matches when he was little. Now he and his superwoman, who is a pyrotechnic expert,do firework displays all over the country – but the one thing they don’t need is matches, it’s all done electronically! A nice suprise to have a display when you were just going shopping.

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    1. Yes, it was totally unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed. That’s a very exciting but dangerous job to have. How cool to say I’m a pyrotechnic expert, though. They must have some interesting stories to tell.


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