Season of Sads

Facebook brought this up yesterday as a memory from a year ago:

And I’ve done nothing but cry ever since. It was to be Ginger’s last Christmas with us, but we didn’t know that at the time. I can see now how scrawny and sick she was.

We don’t have a tree this year because I did the stupid thing in June and brought a kitten and his very young, untamed mother home. Both of them would climb and destroy a tree in seconds.

Here is this year’s tree:

My lone decoration, and yes, Dash chewed on it while I was unrolling it and trying to hang it.

My grandmother used to tell us when she was small the tree was their present. Her parents put it up on Christmas Eve after the kids went to bed. I’d like to do something similar here.

I am thinking now that in Ginger’s honor, I would like to drag out the “real” fake tree for one day only. I’ll put it up early Christmas morning with all unbreakable ornaments. It will get taken down again that evening.

Not a bad way to remember an old friend.

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