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One year ago today, mother and son came home for the first time.

Both of them had other names before they came here. Meg was originally Honey Bear. Then when the adoption group picked her up, they called her Dalai. The foster mom was calling her April. Meg’s son was called Dakin by the adoption group. The foster called him Alex.

Since I had already had a Ginger I decided to stick with a spice name. With her tan/buff color Nutmeg seemed appropriate. Her mini me son became Dash. He was (and is) a Dash of Nutmeg.

Dash fit in right away. His Mommy took a little longer. She spent a few weeks hiding under my bed, only coming out in the dead of night to eat and use the litter box. She’s still a shy kitty, and while she prefers to spend her time alone in a quiet spot, she’s a lot more sociable than she was. Dash has never been shy. He’s a character.