Gobble. Gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Some photos from Thanksgivings past.

2020 has been a very strange and scary year. I’m grateful, as always, for my wonderful family. My husband and my two sons are the reason why I get up every morning. I’m grateful we’re still here, healthy and well.

My husband as a trucker is an essential worker. Throughout the pandemic, he’s worked every day except for the very beginning when he was sidelined and on worker’s compensation with a broken elbow. He’s made numerous trips into New York City when the active cases were high and climbing higher by the day.

My son is also an essential worker. His metal fabrication employer finishes pieces for medical equipment. He has also worked every day.

I am also an essential employee, but because of my age and my asthma, I have worked for over eight months from home for my law firm employer. I am beyond grateful that just last week I earned a promotion to paralegal.

Other than a nasty chest cold that earned me a trip to my doctor’s respiratory clinic and yes, an unpleasant covid test, I have been well. My covid test was negative. Thank goodness.

We have been lucky and far more fortunate than others. For this, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Stay well.

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